Cloud Apps Integration

FREE ($0 forever)
24/7 support
5 minutes to setup
manage your business at ease

Web design

Re-design current page
Upgrade front-end & back-end
Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla

Network design

LAN network design
Install operating systems
Windows, Mac, Linux and more...


Invoice management systems
Payment (Paypal, Banks)
Shopping carts and more...

Develop Legacy Software & Applications

  • Integrate legacy data into new service
  • Modernize user interface
  • Develop new service for business continuation
  • Support multi-languages (e.g. English, 中文, etc.)

Intranet Applications

  • Design intranet applications and services
  • Build and update applications
  • Maintain all kind of intranet services
  • Support multi-languages (e.g. English, 中文, etc.)

Internal Web Services (design & implement)

  • Invoice Systems, Payment Management, CRM
  • Staffs Management, Learning Management, Resources Management
  • Google Analytics, Internal Webmail, Workflow service and More
  • Support multi-languages (e.g. English, 中文, etc.)

Schedule Automated Tasks

  • Synchronize Data Feed with 3rd party API
  • Detect quote requests, then notify via emails or mobile
  • Recur billing and invoices
  • Support multi-languages (e.g. English, 中文, etc.)

Customized SEO

  • Design specific tracking code for specific items
  • Embed Google Analytic code (FREE)
  • Real-time reporting apps via our Cloud Store
  • Build Android, iOS, Windows Phone apps