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Kaydo is an Australian book exchange platform where users can list their beloved books and make request to others. Unlike many other book exchange platforms, we try to keep our listing relevant and focused. There are many books out there; and we believe each has their own unique value. Our focus is to enlist books that are relevant to daily life, i.e. real life. As a result, we only accept categories of book:

S.T.E.M books, business, biography, autobiography, guide, self-improvement, motivation, inspiration, text books, cooking, travel, children’s, history, comedy

The following categories will not be accepted on our platform:

Fictions, drama, romance, crime, horror, religion, spirituality, arts, journals, magazines, prayer books, fantasy, novels, dictionaries

How to get started?

  • Create an account. It’s FREE
  • Upload 10 old books that you have read or no longer wanted
  • Each user will have 2 empty slots in "Book request" for holding the exchanged books

Vission & Mission

Our book exchange platform is run on the spirit of "giving is better than receiving" (because giving starts the receiving process). When it comes to books, I do believe that they hold the knowledge that needs to be shared. I have heard many stories where people throw away books, leave them on the street under rain and dust, the best case is re-sell it to bookstore for small amount of money, etc.

As a result, Kaydo book exchange enables people to exchange their old books with each other. We try to "recycle" old and used books with great respect to knowledge worth spreading. We are on a mission to save old & used books, share the knowledge and change the sad stories of old books being thrown away. We hope you can join us on our mission by list your old books: one book at a time!